In Hidden Nature game you look for hidden objects, like plants and animals, from the background. There are several different pictures of Finnish landscapes as the backgrounds, and the species in them are in their natural habitat. Hidden Nature is both enticing and relaxing, and you can learn a lot from it. Can you recognize all the species? Can you find all the animals hiding in the landscapes?

There are five different backgrounds, and each is from a different habitat, season or time of day. Hidden in them, there are 50 different species – all from animals to plants and mushrooms.

We are a four member team of Business Information Systems students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Our team consists of scrummaster Kaisa, graphics designer Severi, and programmers Jyri and Joni. Our goal is to make a game with great team spirit and sense of humour, and learn a lot in the process.

Scrum master

Kaisa Tikkanen


Joni Tuominen


Jyri Virtaranta

Graphics designer

Severi Törmä

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